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The Ultimate Popularity List

The most eye-opening feature of LIST101 is the ability to show you how popular you are on the web compared to any other user and potentially any other person in the world. The app has mapped out every area on the planet, ranked and compiled a real-time popularity and influence list for every city, state/region and country in the world. LIST101 introduces a unique and democratic way to measure everyone’s level of popularity and influence.

Social Gaming Experience

LIST101 offers a “first of a kind” social gaming experience. Every user can influence every one else’s position on the popularity list. Each user's power of influence rises proportionally with their level of activity. To spice up the gameplay even more, LIST101 is rewarding the users who accumulate the most points every week, creating value for time spent in the app.

50/50 Revenue Split Policy

LIST101 enables its users to easily monetize activity with AMINGO Reward Tokens. As an example, LIST101's Messenger distinguishes itself by having a function that allows users to add a fee of their own choice to any chat message. The recipient can easily decline the fee and keep chatting or they can accept to pay the fee in AMINGO coins and view/save the content of the message. Saved messages are stored in the user’s private vault in the Blockchain.

Democratic Point System

Based on a “Democratic Point System” users receive Popularity Points depending on the sum of praise and feedback they receive on their profile and content (1st likes, likes, super likes, dislikes, comments, views, etc.). Likewise users receive Influence Points every time they make their influence felt and interact with other users’ profiles and content. The sum of the all user interactions on the system. This way LIST101 transfers the power from the mainstream media to the people, in terms of influencing, defining, and determining who and what is popular.

Video: Blockchain & AMINGO Token

Blockchain Integration

Protection of Profile Data

Upon registration, every user's basic, personal information is automatically encrypted and stored in the blockchain. No personally identifiable data is stored on LIST101's servers. Thus securing the confidentiality of the network and the prevention of unauthorized data extraction.


Besides implementing a secure and decentralized trust model of LIST101’s encrypted digital value, LIST101 will also build a complete eco system using the AMG token and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate secure transactions of subscription services and incentives to participants.

In-App Crypto Vault

Every user has the option to save valuable, private or sensitive content in their personal, encrypted vault in the app. The vault is stored in the Blockchain to ensure maximum privacy and security. Encrypted files are spread across multiple nodes and replicated multiple times. No single host holds any significant piece of a file or any complete file. Each user has a limited amount of free vault space, but additional secure storage can be purchased using AMG coins.

Encrypted P2P Messaging

Using LIST101’s in-app messaging system, users can rest assured that their communication is safeguarded to the highest standard. Each user holds a private key to decrypt their messages.


Our Whitepaper gives you a thorough introduction to the LIST101 concept and explains how blockchain technology and a token eco system will benefit our vision to empower the people and share the wealth of the social media industry.

Key Team Members

Robert Hintze
CEO & Founder

Holds a degree in Marketing from the Danish Interactive Media and Marketing Academy.
20+ years of experience with concept and business development, marketing and roll-out strategy. Robert is a passionate advocate for the disruption and decentralisation of governmental and corporate powers.

Kasper Hjorth
COO & Creative Director

Holds a degree in Digital Design from the Danish Interactive Medi and Marketing Academy.
20+ years of experience with UX-centered brand building, corporate identity and communication. Kasper spends his spare time studying Mutual Credit Systems and barter-based economies.

Søren Markersen
CTO & Head of Security

Holds a Master in Computer Science from the DTU (Technical University of Denmark).
20+ years of experience with software development, backend architecture as well as system and Blockchain integration.

Michelle Dejonghe

With 15+ years of experience as accountant, financial controller and strategic planner.

Michelle is our precious President of Paperwork 🙂

Ulrik Nørklit
CSO & Head of Commercial Strategy

Holds a degree in Business and Management.

15+ years of experience in international charity and fundraising with an exceptional business network.

Juan Antonio López
System Architect and Team Lead

15+ years of experience with software development in different sectors worldwide. An expert in Global Distribution Systems and Internet Banking Security.  Work experience from Italy, India, Denmark, Germany and France. Certified by Microsoft, Cisco and Google. Passion for blockchain tech and backend architectures. 

Adrian G. Jorge
Full Stack Developer

Computer Science Engineer, specialized in computing Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Degree from Universidad de Malaga. Certified as SCRUM Manager at Expert Level. 3+ years of experience with Oracle’s technologies, development of cross-platform mobile applications and multiple web’s technologies.

Anton Romanov
iOS Tech Lead

Along with a Master degree in software engineering Anton has 10+ years of experience in app development, from cross-platform map rendering engines to mobile social media applications. Xcode/Swift expert with an eye for detail and passion for frontend development.

José María Cano
Senior Software Developer

20+ years experience in software development, both at front and back-end architecture, working with many different programming languages and multiple technologies. 

Wide expertise at application development for mobile devices, since old J2ME until latest native development.

Vladimir Vlasiuk
Backend Senior Developer

Holds a Master degree in Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation Engineering. A strong analytical mindset has served Vladimir well in his 8+ years as a full-stack software developer. His major passions are software engineering and cryptography.

Stig Abildsø
Investor & Advisor

As an exceptional IT entrepreneur with a number of successful exits

and ICOs under his belt, Stig is a recognised Danish business entrepreneur and a valued investor and advisor to LIST101.

Pernille Lotus
Investor & Advisor

Often referred to as the “Queen of Influencer Marketing”, Pernille has built one of Scandinavia’s leading influencer marketing agencies, SMAC Agency, representing some of the most prominent, online superstars of our time. Pernille is an expert in the mechanics behind thriving social media communities.

Lars-Christian Brask

Career in international finance and professional board member and chairman of a number of high profile companies. Experience includes: Director of institutional Client Division at Merryl Lynch; Partner, MD, Europe and head of Capital Markets at Bank of America; Founder & CEO of investment bank Brask & Co Ltd.; Director Key Client & Business Development at UBS Wealth Management

Raghuram Baha

CEO, NetObjex Inc based in Southern California. Teacher at MIT. Formerly with Yahoo, Infospace, PwC, and with 3 successful startup exits. Wharton MBA in Finance, MS in Computer Science from RPI, published author and speaker at IoT Congress, Google IO, and more. Current focus areas: Decentralized computing, Distributed ledgers, IoT, Cryptocurrencies.

Brad O’Hara

Crypto enthusiast with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from NCSU and an M.S. in Business Analytics from NYU Stern.

Big Data Analysis and Project Management experience in technical Engineering projects such as power plant construction, power transformer design and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

A true believer in crypto and blockchain technology, Brad is excited to help push the ecosystem forward.


2015 Q2

Founder, Robert Hintze, conceptualizes LIST101 and raises funds from a group of 10 angel investors to start developing the app.

2016 Q2

A team of 12 developers is assembled and development of iOS app initiated.

2017 Q3

Development of Android app initiated.

2018 Q1

Test/beta launch of LIST101 iOS app.

2018 Q2

Official launch of LIST101 iOS app in the first market. Launch party in Copenhagen, Denmark.

2018 Q4

Beta launch of LIST101 Android App.

2018 Q4

The LIST101 Security Token (LST) is created and offered in pre-sale to crypto investors.

2019 Q1 - Q3

LIST101’s backend architecture is rewritten to support Blockchain technology at its core.

2019 Q3

International launch of LIST101 iOS and Android apps. Starting in the UK.

2019 Q4

Further expansion into new territories. USA and Asia.

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